Galleria Pierra

About the Galleria

      Galleria Pierra is the source for natural cut stone art and architectural stone. The Galleria is also a source for the manufactured cast stone products of Stone Legends.

      Stone Legends was started in 1990 and its there to represent architectural cast stone. These are the building elements that you see when you’re driving down the road and most of the time they’re light colored stone mixed in with some other material. It might be quoins, balustrade, columns, or some other ornamental piece in a building.

      It’s a process that’s been around since 500 BC. It’s actually initiated by the Romans. It means a piece of history crawled into your present and you can’t have the type of structures that say were as much as several centuries old. It can be seen as small as a keystone above a window, and that’s a cast piece of stone, or the whole house could be built out of it. It’s a very durable material and it’s proven over a couple thousand years.

      We have plans and customers coming in everyday. Up until this point we’ve operated by appointment only and what we’re now going to do is make it open to the public and see if we can’t get the community to be a part of it.